MBBS Colleges in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is an excellent option for Indian students who are willing to continue with their post-medical supervisor. The country is gaining more followers among international students who want to pursue their MBBS abroad. According to International Rankings, the position of a medical college in Ukraine is one of the world’s top medical colleges. It is one of the major countries in the medical system with the highest quality MBBS medical centers in Ukraine.

Higher Medical Universities in Ukraine offer MBBS, MD, and other medical degrees affordable for international students. MBBS currency structure in Ukraine is cheaper compared to Study MBBS in India. Applicants may be able to pay a fee if they plan to study MBBS in Ukraine. Students completing MBBS degrees from MCI-recognized medical colleges in Ukraine are eligible to apply for a job or training in any part of the world.

MBBS in Ukraine is a complete six-year program. Entry Process in MBBS, students are not required to pass any entry exams in Ukraine. They make it much easier for an outstanding student to fulfill their dream of becoming a successful doctor.

Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the oldest universities of Ukraine and was founded in 1805

‘Kharkiv National Medical University’ was previously known as the Medical Faculty of Kharkiv University and considered the best medical University for foreign students.

MCI, WHO, and UNESCO accredited the University.

The MBBS degree of Kharkiv National Medical University is well known and respected worldwide.

The University has provided students the option of studying MBBS in English, Russian or Ukrainian language.

More than 7500 international students have graduated from KNMU till date.

The University has 700 faculty members, of which 102 are Doctors of Science, 17 accredited scientists, 387 candidates for medical sciences, and 32 academic members.

Fee structure

  • The fee is USD (approx) 4800 $
  • Fees payable to Indian Rupees (approx) Rs. 3,50,400
  • Hostel and food for Rupees (approx) Rs. 49,000 (Annum)
  • Total of Rs. 3,99,400

Lugansk State Medical University

Formerly known as ‘Voroshilovgrad state medical university,’ established in 1956.

From around 60 countries, about 3000 foreign students are currently studying at ‘Lugansk State Medical University.’

The University is accredited by USMLE, WHO, MCI, and other organizations.

It has 4th and 3rd accreditation levels among medical colleges with 4th level accreditation.

The University comprises six departments.

Fee structure

  • Fees payable in USD (approx) 3900 $
  • Fees payable to Indian Rupees (approx) Rs. 2,84,700
  • Hostel and food for Rupees (approx) Rs. 56,000 (Annum)
  • Total of Rs. 3,40,700

Bogomolets National Medical University

Established in 1841, this institution is one of the premier medical institutions serving to date and is well known for its excellent performance year after year.

In the name of famous Physiologist ‘Alexander A. Bogomolets,’ this University was given the name ‘Bogomolets.’

The University has the best faculty and excellent alumni members and professionals, so it is famous in Ukraine and European countries.

This University has a multicultural theme; students from different cultures discover the new culture together with the studies. Degrees offered by the University are MBBS, BDS, MDS, MS, MD, and Nursing.

This University has three faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Faculty of Stomatology.

Fee structure

  • Fees payable in USD (approx) 4500 $
  • Fees payable to Indian Rupees (approx) Rs. 3,28,500
  • Hostel and food for Rupees (approx) Rs. 1,75,000 (Annum)
  • Total of Rs. 5,03,500

Danylo Halytsky Lviv State Medical University

This University was established on 16 November 1784 and is considered one of the largest and oldest educational institutions in Ukraine.

The University has 78 departments and 22 science schools operating at the University, such as Pharmacy, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

Admission is offered to foreign university students in undergraduate education programs in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Dentistry.

At the University, there are 137 Doctor of Sciences, 113 professors, 366 participating professors, 50 senior lecturers, and 17 researchers, etc.

Fee Structure

  • Fees payable in USD (approx) 7000 $
  • Fees payable to Indian Rupees (approx) Rs. 5,11,000
  • Hostel and food for Rupees (approx) Rs. 49,000 (Annum)
  • Total of Rs. 5,60,000

Bukovinian State Medical University

This is one of the largest and oldest Universities in Chernivtsi and was established in 1944; its faculty is among the best faculties that aim to deliver quality education.

This Medical University has 47 departments and seven faculties consisting of four disciplines in medicine, stomatological, medicine, and post-graduate training, and accredited by WHO and MCI.

Bukovinian State Medical University trains about 25000 specialists in various fields such as General Medicine, Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Stomatology, etc.

Fee Structure

  • The fee is USD (approx) 4100 $
  • Fees payable to Indian Rupees (approx) Rs. 2,99,300
  • Hostel and food for Rupees (approx) Rs. 49,000 (Annum)
  • Total of Rs. 3,48,300


We have touched all the details regarding the University, its history, fee structure, and faculties. Based on these details, it may be easy for you to decide to study MBBS from Ukraine. All the universities we have discussed in this article are best for learning and gaining practical knowledge.

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