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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most well-known graduates in the U.S. According to the reports of Fortune, Pascale, and Forbes,

Graduates agree that their successful career is the result of their undergraduate education. Many praise the value of their education. Prospective students view postgraduate education as the key to success in their careers. Job development and job opportunities are primarily measured as reasons for pursuing an MBA degree. Most employers point out that hiring business graduates is one of the essential parts of their work plan.

Whether you want to improve or change your career, an MBA degree will provide you with ample opportunity. If you are part of a growing business generation, business school will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and creativity to develop, index setting, outcome change, and much more. In view of these  outcomes, we have prepared a list of the best MBA colleges in the US, let’s uncover the results.

Harvard University – Cambridge,

Harvard University ranked consistently among one of the most respected higher education institutions in the U.S. and offered one of the best MBA programs in the country.

This two-year, full-time MBA Harvard B school mostly focuses on real-life business situations, which allows the students to deal with business problems and apply what they learn from field service experiences. Students use a case-by-case approach to solve business problems; the main subjects they dealt with are corporate leadership and accountability, business management, technology, and performance management. They also participated in a semester-wide conference to consult with an international company.

Harvard only considers those applicants who have previous job experience. Prospective students must also have GRE or GMAT scores to participate in the interview session for admission.

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia

The Philadelphia-based Penn MBA program provides 18 focus areas, including business economics and public policy, multilateral governance, and organizational performance.

The 19-credit curriculum has nine credits and ten picks. Enrolled students can choose to study abroad, take formal international courses, or participate in a global immersion program. The university also has an MBA management team to assist students in finding work. Historically, 100% of students received job offers, the majority of students working in financial, technical, and consulting services.

One more thing, Penn does not need work experience, but each incoming student must have a five-year average in the professional field. Applicants need to submit their GRE or GMAT scores.

Yale University – New Haven

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale School of Management offers several business degrees, including one of the country’s best MBA programs. An integrated curriculum follows full-time degrees. Students take the required basic subjects during their first year to cover the core issues and then select their second-year topics accordingly.

The first-year Basic studies cover topics such as management, accounting, and statistics. Students also can take courses from an organizational perspective before moving on to the second year. Students can make voluntary choices to pursue management science.

All students meet international studies’ requirements before graduation, choosing from a 10-day international experience, international business studies, or an exchange program at universities such as the London School of Economics, etc.

Stanford University – Stanford

One of the best B schools offers two years of MBA courses to complete and contains essential leadership and management courses, international experience requirements, and electives.

The first-year curriculum covers several key topics, such as management skills, organizational ethics, and quality leadership, which are the must-have learnings for any B school. During their second year, students took the most advanced classes and selections with the most renowned faculties. They may also choose compressed courses for two weeks outside the MBA curriculum.

In the global experience, the student will get four-week global diplomacy, 10-day conferences, or an international study trip to countries such as Greece and the U.K. Each student can also choose to pursue two degrees or dual degrees by adding an education director, Juris doctor, or public policy manager to their MBA courses, which is the best option to learn from.

Columbia University – New York

In Columbia, the MBA program features a 60-credit curriculum containing 18 basic credits and 42 optional. Students can complete a degree in four terms or less than two years.

The first term covers vital topics to strengthen the basic knowledge such as leadership, ethics, finance, and marketing. MBA students can arrange the entire grade to learn and achieve their professional goals. Although the program does not offer a formal focus on courses, graduates can choose classes that follow career-focused paths.

Applicants must submit GRE or GMAT scores. While Columbia University does not require work experience, most incoming students still have 3-8 years of experience.


We have covered the best universities in the U.S. for MBA courses; now it’s up to you to choose the one according to your requirements or the one which best suited you and your dreams.

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