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Here, In this article, you will get to know what is digital marketing and its syllabus, and what are all things comes inside digital marketing

Digital Marketing Syllabus 2020 – what is Digital Marketing Scope And Benefits

In today’s era, everything has gone online. The internet has made our lives better, and through this, we can enjoy many facilities only through phone or laptop.

you must have think once while surfing the internet what is digital marketing and its syllabus?

Friends, nowadays, online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bill payment, online transactions are all made by the internet.

And people have now moved their maximum business online, which gives them more customers and more revenue.

It was my turn to work by spreading your business across the world.

If we look at the market stats, about 81% of shoppers do online research before buying any product or taking service. In such a situation, digital marketing becomes essential for any company or business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing your goods and services through digital means. Digital marketing is done on the internet.

We can do this very quickly through the internet, computer, mobile phone, laptop, website advertisements, or any other applications.

In simple language, digital marketing is such a technique that you can know what the customer is looking for, what is the review of what he wants, and how he can sell his salmon and advertise his goods through the internet. It is called digital marketing.

Why is digital marketing needed?

Digital marketing is essential to stay in today’s digital age. The use of digital marketing is increasing day by day, so to say, digital marketing is the only means through which people can bring better results on less time and expenses.

In digital marketing, you can create such leads to whom to show your publicity, in which areas people have to show and through which medium.

And friends, your promotion will be shown only to those who are already interested in your product.

In the modern period, this trader is also getting help in business. The business can also connect with more people in a short period and pass on the features of its product to the consumer.

Know what the future of digital marketing is?

The demand for digital marketing is being seen very strongly in the present time. The merchant who is making his goods is quickly passing on to the customer. This is giving a boost to digital business.

Earlier, We had to support advertisements. The customer looked at him, then liked, then he would buy it. But now goods can be sent directly to the consumer. Every person is using Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

through which the trader shows his product to the customer. This trade is within reach of everyone – both merchants and consumers.

So We are going to learn about digital marketing course and its syllabus.

Here is 5 types of Digital Marketing Syllabus .


Now, The Types and Ways of Doing Digital Marketing.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization – This is a technique by which the ranking of your website keeps coming up on the search engines, these few tips can help you to improve the ranking of the website- 


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Title Tag – The tag of any page tells the search engine what your page or service is about. It should be between 40 and 60 characters long.

If you have kept the title and tag of your website the same, then your site starts to rank very soon.

Meta Description – the meta description is the best, and importing things on your website tells search engines a little more about each page.

It is used by your human visitors to understand what a page is, and if it is relevant, it can be better understood. They should include your keyword and also provide enough details to tell the reader what the content is.

Sub Headings – This helps search engines and post visitors to understand what your post is about quickly, so subheadings are used.

Also, when search engines crawl any page, search engines will tag the tags associated with keywords. We can. We use the H1, H2, and H3 tags to understand the search engine better about the content.

Internal Links – Hyperlinks are essential to rank a website; this means that you cannot get any information without a link. For example, when we are writing about a service, we can put another service link on our website. It helps to move from page to page.

Image Name and ALT Tag – ALT tag has to be applied to any photo because it tells the search engine what your photo is Without the ALT tag, the search engine cannot read the photo.

Whenever someone sees a photo on the search engine, the search engine also shows your picture. Applying the ALT tag increases our website’s ranking.

  1. Social Media Marketing –

Social media is made up of many websites – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Through social media, a person can express his views in front of thousands of people. You are well aware of social media.

When we see this site, we see advertisements on it at certain intervals, and it is a productive and effective means for advertising.

3. Affiliate marketing –

Affiliate marketing is the way of digital marketing in which you link to other goods or advertise and sell them on your website, blog. It also gives you some of that profit.

  1. E-mail Marketing –

E-mail marketing is the delivery of your products via e-mail to any company.It is necessary for every company in every way, because any company gives new offers and discounts to customers on time, for which e-mail marketing is an easy way to attract them and get conversions.

5.YouTube Channel –

Social media is a medium in which producers have to communicate their products directly to the people. People can also express their reaction to this.

This is the medium where there is a crowd of many people or says that a large number of users/viewers live on YouTube.

It is a natural and accessible means of showing your product to people by making videos.

6.Apps Marketing –

This is the best way of digital marketing. Nowadays, a large number of people are using smartphones. Big companies make their apps and make apps available to people.

Uses of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a lot of utility in today’s era, let’s know about Website Traffic

Website Traffic It is very important for you to know firstly which website has more traffic on which you can take your publicity.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is much better than any other offline marketing, after investing money in it, you start getting benefits immediately.

If you advertise your business by putting a newspaper or poster, then it will be difficult to tell how many people got your advertisement and this Reached the needy or not.

Whereas in digital marketing, your advertisement reaches thousands of people, and whoever needs it comes to you after reading it.

Digital Marketing Scope in India –

Nowadays people like to walk with the new era. Digital marketing is also a part of this new phase.

Online videos, Posting, Online Advertisement, Blogging, Vlogging, etc. on Social Sites are all part of Activities Digital Marketing.

Over 100 Million videos are streamed every day. In 1984 there were only 1000 Internet Devices, and now there are more than One Billion Internet Devices.

In 1998, around 20 Million people were online, and now more than 1.6 Billion people are found online. The Scope of Digital Marketing in India is increasing. According to the government, the digital economy is growing ten times faster than the traditional economy.

Digital Marketing Industries is also growing fast, and the competition is also increasing in it. Why Digital Marketing Should Choose, You can also do your business, freelancing, online earning, or professional job in digital marketing.


What is the Minimum Salary of a Digital Marketer?


 Minimum/Starting  Salary of a Digital Marketer for SEO in India is  Rs. 2.5 is Lakhs per annum. SEM’s Avg Salary Rs. 3 is Lakhs per annum.

SAM’s Avg Salary Rs. 2 is Lakhs per annum. Avg Salary Rs. 2.50 is Lakhs per annum. Mobile Marketing, which includes SMS, MMS, In Games Mobile marketing. Its Avg Salary Rs. 3.2 is Lakhs per annum

Web Analytics: Web Analytics is also a part of Digital Marketing. Avg Salary Rs. 3.5 is Lakhs per annual. Digital Marketing Day by Day is growing. It has a lot of scope for the Carrier.

There is a better Salary Package in Digital Marketing, but more than that, in Digital Marketing, we can create our business and can also work from home.

Best career options For Your Future –

Marketing is not just digital marketing. It has different carrier options like SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Different Marketing, etc.

Digital marketing income is one way in which there is Passive income. Nowadays, industries, experts create their own blogs and websites and regularly share their ideas and learning—for example, Moz, Hub spot, etc.

Here is India’s Top 5 Digital Marketing Institute in India

  1. Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM)-

Module: 18 modules

Installments N/a

Website: www.dsim.in/

Brochure https://dsim.in/digital-marketing-course/

Fees: 65,000

Google Ratings 3.8

Facebook Ratings 3.2

Institute’s Age Established in 2008 Click to Confirm

Location Rohini

Hours 128 Hrs

Mode Classroom & online

  1. Expert training institute (ETI)

Module60 Modules

Instalments Pay In 9 Easy EMI’s

Website https://www.expert-seo-training-institute.in/Digital-Internet-Marketing-Training-Course.html

Brochure https://www.expert-seo-training-institute.in/Digital-Internet-Marketing-Training-Course.html

Fee 50,000

Google Ratings 4.5

Facebook Ratings 4.7

Institute’s Age 2012 Click to Confirm

Location Rohini & Janakpuri

Hours 200 Hrs

Mode Classroom

Free hosting 1-year free hosting

Validity 1-year validity

Class Room Video Yes

PPT Notes PPT Notes(1500+sliders) each for every module

Adwords Assistance Adwords cert. Assistance(book for every exam-6 for Adwords, 1 for Analytics, 1 for BingAds)

  1. Digital Vidya

Module19 modules

Installments N/a

Website http://www.digitalvidya.com/

Brochure https://www.digitalvidya.com/digital-marketing/
Fee: 58,882
Google Ratings: 4.4
Facebook Ratings: 4.6

Institute’s Age Established in 2008 Click to Confirm

Location: Pitampura

Hours 240 Hrs

Mode Online

4.Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM)

Module19 modules

Instalments N/a

Website https://www.didm.in

Brochure https://www.didm.in/

Fee 39,518
Google Ratings 4.9
Facebook Ratings 4.2

Institute’s Age 2015 Click to Confirm

Location Moti bagh

Hours 118 Hrs

Mode: Classroom

5.Digital Payout

Module20 modules
Instalments N/a

Website https://www.digitalpayout.org/syllabus
Brochure https://www.digitalpayout.org/courses/

Fee 30,000
Google Ratings 4.9
Facebook Ratings 4.9

Institute’s Age 2015 Click to Confirm
Location: Near Shastri Nagar metro station
Hours: 100 hrs
Mode: Classroom

“So, you can reach a very good position with Digital Marketing. So start today and become a Career in Digital Marketing”.

Friends, I hope you have liked this article.


Concluison –

Friends, in this article we have learned what is the digital marketing course, what is its future, how much is its benefit and where is it learned and what is its syllabus

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